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MetaSystems has been developing and producing system software for automated microscopy since 1986. Today, users in more than 100 countries rely on the laboratory solutions by MetaSystems.

In addition to generating the highest quality images, our modern approaches include an advanced workflow management that grows with your requirements and the use of artificial intelligence for image assessment.

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Automated Microscopy for Biodosimetry

Following a radiation accident, a rapid assessment of the dose received by victims is critical. Biological dosimetry allows a range of tests, many of which are based on microscopy, to provide a retrospective estimate of the dose received.

Automated Microscopy for Biodosimetry

Intelligent Karyotyping with Ikaros

Our advanced deep learning algorithms in Ikaros simplify the entire preparation process for karyotype analysis, from chromosome separation to classification. Read our article on AI-driven Intelligent Karyotyping with Ikaros.

Intelligent Karyotyping with Ikaros
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